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If your Miami employer is paying a salary to you and you work over 40 hours a week then you are owed overtime pay.

This Is Still Overtime

Employee Working Off-the-Clock Time.

Unpaid Lunches or Break Time.

Working From Your Home

Averaging Two Weeks To Calculate Your Paycheck

On-Call Work


Did You Know That Florida Law Requires Your Employer To Pay Minimum Wage And Overtime Pay?

You can seek double damages, and is  may be entitled to recover attorneys’ fees and costs if we win your case.

We Can Help You With Unpaid Wages

  • Minimum wage or overtime claims
  • Not getting paid your final paycheck

Keep In Mind That
Federal and state laws  prohibit retaliation from your employer  against you  for asserting  your rights to unpaid wages.

Florida Minimum Wage Rates


Rate is increased annually based upon a cost of living formula.

Florida Unpaid Time and Half Claims, Unpaid Overtime Lawyers

If you have not been paid time and a half in Florida for overtime worked you may have a wage and hour claim against your employer.  You deserve to get paid according to Florida law for the hours you put in. You may have a class action lawsuit for unpaid wages. Our lawyers for unpaid wages offer legal help for:

  •     Lawyers for time and a half pay for overtime,
  •     Lawyers for Fair Labor Standards Act,
  •     Labor Emplyment Lawyers ,
  •     Class actions  for Unpaid Overtime Wages,
  •     Lawyers for Wage and Hour Claims,
  •     Lawyers for FLSA and Unpaid Commissions,

Overtime pay of time and a half is due once an employee has worked forty (40) hours in a work week.

 The Fair Labor Standards Act (“FLSA”)  

The FLSA establishes the rules for  governing employees’ rights to minimum wage and overtime pay which include:

  • Time and a half wages for employees for all hours over 40 worked in a workweek.
  •  A minimum wage of at least $7.25 for all hours worked.

What can I expect if I win a wage and hour claim against my employer?

  • Back pay for all unpaid overtime, beginning two (2) years before the lawsuit is filed.
  • Double the amount of unpaid wages, in some instances
  • Your employer will be liable for the attorneys fees


For the full details about your Florida unpaid wages, to file an unpaid wages claim and to see if you have a claim for unpaid overtime call our wage and hour claim hotline today

In Florida you deserve to get paid your full WAGES FOR HOURS WORKED and all overtime back pay for unpaid wages claims.