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Florida Unpaid Time and Half Claims, Unpaid Overtime Lawyers

If you have not been paid time and a half in Florida for overtime worked you may have a wage and hour claim against your employer.  You deserve to get paid according to Florida law for the hours you put in. You may have a class action lawsuit for unpaid wages. Our lawyers for unpaid wages offer legal help for:

  •     Lawyers for time and a half pay for overtime,
  •     Lawyers for Fair Labor Standards Act,
  •     Labor Emplyment Lawyers ,
  •     Class actions  for Unpaid Overtime Wages,
  •     Lawyers for Wage and Hour Claims,
  •     Lawyers for FLSA and Unpaid Commissions,

Overtime pay of time and a half is due once an employee has worked forty (40) hours in a work week.

 The Fair Labor Standards Act (“FLSA”)  

The FLSA establishes the rules for  governing employees’ rights to minimum wage and overtime pay which include:

  • Time and a half wages for employees for all hours over 40 worked in a workweek.
  •  A minimum wage of at least $7.25 for all hours worked.

What can I expect if I win a wage and hour claim against my employer?

  • Back pay for all unpaid overtime, beginning two (2) years before the lawsuit is filed.
  • Double the amount of unpaid wages, in some instances
  • Your employer will be liable for the attorneys fees


For the full details about your Florida unpaid wages, to file an unpaid wages claim and to see if you have a claim for unpaid overtime call our wage and hour claim hotline today

In Florida you deserve to get paid your full WAGES FOR HOURS WORKED and all overtime back pay for unpaid wages claims.

Lawyers for Labor and Employment Law

What are labor and employment law lawyers ,wage and hour claim lawyers, whistleblower lawyers and what can they do for you? A labor and employment law Attorney, lawyer, Law Firm  can help if you have been treated unfairly by your employer because of your race, gender, religion, or affiliation with any class. Employment lawyers deal with whistleblower and Qui Tam cases. A Labor employment law lawyer can help you if  you  have been discriminated against. Does your employer ask you to work additional hours and then not pay you  your over-time wages?  You are entitled to payment for your work  plus penalties under Federal and State laws. Our attorneys have  represented people of discriminated against  as well as over-time non-payment  and wage and hour claims.Class Action lawyers handle Qui Tam or whistleblower cases where fraud has been committed against the government

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There are employment laws  designed to protect workers from being treated unfairly. Employment discrimination claims can be complicated and difficult to prove without expert an experienced labor and employment law attorney on your side.

The Civil Rights Act of 1964, the Americans with Disabilities in Employment Act, and other federal and state laws are there to protect the people  against employment discrimination by employers. You may be a victim of discrimination if:

* You have  been Discriminated against or harassed  because of race, color, religion, sex, national origin, disability, or age;

*if you are a whistleblower  or have  filed a discrimination charge, or are a part of a discrimination investigation, or have spoken up about discriminatory practices  your employer cannot retaliate against you

* employers can not base hiring or promotion decisions on stereotypes concerning  sex, race, age, religion, or ethnic group, or disabilities.

* You cannot be Denied employment  because of marriage to, or association with, an individual of a particular race, religion, national origin, or an individual with a disability. Discrimination based on participation in schools , places of worship ,   or religious groups is considered discrimination.

*  Your employer cannot Discriminate against you  or harass you based on sexual orientation, status as a parent, marital status and political affiliation ,race or ethnic orientation.

The law requires  that an employer  document hiring and firing practices as well as, compensation, assignment, or classification of employees; transfer, promotion, layoff, or recall, job advertisements, recruitment, testing, use of company facilities, training and apprenticeship programs, fringe benefits, equal pay, retirement plans, and disability leave. Employers must post workplace notices advising employees of their rights under the law. These notices must be able to be viewed, by persons with visual or other disabilities that affect reading.

The Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) and Florida, Georgia Law

Under the Fair Labor Standards Act, your  employer is required to pay you 1.5 times their hourly wage for every hour you work over 40 hours in one week. This is“overtime pay.”Your  employer may  change the days you work in a week to try to avoid paying overtime . This is also prohibited under the Fair Labor Standards Act. Free Legal Shields'  experienced team of labor and employment law lawyers Attorneys and law firms  can help you collect unpaid wages for as far back as three years from the date the suit is filed. They can also help  determine whether you are an employee entitled to overtime pay or a minimum wage under the Fair Labor Standards Act. If you believe your employer has not paid you the minimum wage for hours worked call our experienced labor and employment law wage and hour lawyers to find out if you have a wage and hour claim.

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