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Message to family and friends of victims stranded on the Carnival Cruiseline to let you know we are ready to begin lawsuits against Carival Cruises for any Injury, illness or emotional duress suffered. It is not to soon to call for your loved ones and family members.

    In this image released by the U.S. Coast Guard on Feb. 11;2013;a small boat belonging to the Coast Guard Cutter Vigorous patrols near the cruise ship Carnival Triumph in the Gulf of Mexico;Feb. 11;2013. The Carnival Triumph has been floating aimlessly about 150 miles off the Yucatan Peninsula since a fire erupted in the aft engine room early Sunday;knocking out the ship's propulsion system. No one was injured and the fire was extinguished. Disabled Carnival ship stopped due to broken towline
    Passengers ill with Norovirus when ship docked in Halifax: Carnival Cruises

    Relatives aboard a boat pass by the Costa Concordia cruise ship on January 13;2013 on the Italian island of Giglio. Survivors;grieving relatives and locals on the island of Giglio gathered on January 13 to mark the first anniversary of the Costa Concordia cruise ship disaster;which claimed 32 victims. Gallery: Costa Concordia – One year later
    The cruise ship Costa Concordia lies stricken off the shore of the island of Giglio on January 24;2012 in Giglio Porto;Italy. More than four thousand people were on board when the ship hit a rock off the Tuscan coast. The official death toll now stands at 15;with a further 24 people still missing. The diesel recovery operation will start tomorrow;while the rescue operation continues. By the numbers: Costa Concordia cruise disaster

    Cruise line, some passengers in dispute over state of disabled ship Cruise line, some passengers in dispute over state of disabled ship

Feb. 12, 2013: Triumph stranded in the Gulf of Mexico after an engine room fire

The Carnival Triumph ship left Texas for a four-day cruise last Thursday with 3,143 passengers and 1,086 crew members destined for Mexico. The ship was about 240 kms off the Yucatan Peninsula on Sunday when an engine room fire knocked out its primary power source, crippling its water and plumbing systems and leaving it adrift on only backup power.

The ship had mechanical problems last month that delayed its departure from Galveston on a previous voyage.

One passenger said the lack of ventilation on the Triumph's current voyage had made it too hot to sleep inside and that many passengers had set up camp on the ocean liner's decks and in its common areas.

Robert Giordano, of the Oklahoma City suburb of Edmond, said he last spoke to his wife, Shannon, on Monday. She told him she waited in line for three hours to get a hot dog, and that conditions on the ship were terrible.

"They're having to urinate in the shower. They've been passed out plastic bags to go to the bathroom," Giordano said. "There was fecal matter all over the floor."

Carnival cancelled a dozen more planned voyages aboard the Triumph on Wednesday and acknowledged that the crippled ship had been plagued by other mechanical problems in the weeks before it was left powerless in the Gulf of Mexico.

On Thursday the Triumph was scheduled to arrive in Mobile, Alabama by towboat.


August 11, 2012: Carnival Cruise Line’s Glory docked in Halifax with 212 passengers reporting being ill with Norovirus, infecting 38 more through a waterfront restaurant

A Carnival Cruise liner reportedly had 215 people on board who had fallen ill during its five-day voyage from the New York to Halifax, with stops in Boston and Saint John along the way.

Officials with the U.S. Centre for Disease Control boarded the Carnival Glory after it docked at the Port of New York.

The main symptoms among the passengers and crew members who got sick were vomiting and diarrhea.

According to the CDC, Carnival Cruise Lines responded to the outbreak by alerting passengers an illness was spreading on board, encouraged them to report any symptoms and to practice good hand hygiene.

All told, 4.5 per cent of the combined 4796 people aboard reported being ill.

Carnival Cruises stated it took the correct measures to stop the spread of what it said was a Norovirus outbreak. The company said ill passengers were required to stay on board while berthed in Halifax Aug. 9.

The Carnival Cruise Glory was linked to 38 reported illnesses in Halifax, stemming from a popular waterfront restaurant.

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