Lawyers for Motorcycle Accidents

Free legal Shield Lawyers for Motorcycle Accidents are experienced personal Injury Lawyers.

How many motorcycle accidents involve motorcycle defects? Causes of accidents have included the manufacturer's failure to provide adequate warning to motorcycle operators on safe machine operation and/or the intrinsic dangers in motorcycling. Insufficiently maintained property and roads may also be contributing factors to some motorcycle accidents

* Negligence by the defendant. An example would be a careless or inattentive driver involved in the accident.Florida motorcycle accident statistics show that motorcycle accidents usually result in a high number of catastrophic accidents or wrongful death. Motorcycle accidents result in brain injury, broken bones, paralysis, and death. Florida motorcycle accidents were often unavoidable by the motorcyclist who was injured or killed but, could have been  avoided by the driver of  the auto or vehicle  that caused it.

* Liability for defective products that may have caused the injury or fatality. Recalls because of poor design or faulty production of the motorcycle. Motorcycle recalls have run the gamut of causes from bolts that break, brakes that fail, loose handles, to defective tires.

*According to a February 2007 report available from the National Highway Traffic and Safety Association (NHTSA) and the Insurance Information Institute, 4,810 motorcyclists were killed and more than 88,000 were injured in highway vehicle accidents in 2006. Motorcyclists were 32 times more likely to be killed in an accident than car passengers per vehicle mile driven. More than half of motorcycle accidents result from collisions with other vehicles. These statistics highlight the importance of determining fault and insurance requirements in motorcycle accidents. An experienced Motorcycle accident attorney is required.

Call Free legal Shield Motorcycle Accident Team today if you have been injured in a Motorcycle Accident. Motorcycle accidents can cause severe injury and wrongful death.


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