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Actos has been shown to cause bladder cancer with use of over 2 years. If your parent or a loved one is showing signs of Bladder cancer call our Actos  Bladder Cancer helpline to speak to an Actos lawyer.

Diabetes Treatment and Bladder Cancer

February 21, 2011

Here’s an important safety update about the diabetes medication pioglitazone (brand name: Actos), one of the 20 most prescribed drugs with 12 million prescriptions filled in 2009.

On September 17, 2010, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) issued a safety announcement stating that it is reviewing data from a 10-year study of the type-2 diabetes drug pioglitazone for its association with an increased risk of malignant bladder cancer. The study was conducted because of the occurrence of bladder tumors in rats given a dose of pioglitazone approximately equal to that of the 30- and 45-mg-per-day doses taken by people.

The agency has already found evidence to suggest an increased risk of bladder cancer in patients with the longest exposure to pioglitazone and those taking the highest cumulative dose of the drug. The FDA’s announcement stated that “findings from studies in animals and humans suggest this is a potential safety risk that needs further study.”

However, at this time the FDA has not concluded a definite relationship between pioglitazone and bladder cancer, something that is very hard to do using data from epidemiological studies. Its review is ongoing, and the agency will update the public when it has additional information. Patients should report any side effects from pioglitazone to the FDA MedWatch program.

What You Should Do

You should not use pioglitazone ( Actos ).

In addition to possibly causing bladder cancer, the medication may not be as effective as other drugs for diabetes. It also has been found to cause liver damage, weight gain, anemia and heart failure. Also, do not use the similar but even more dangerous diabetes medication rosiglitazone (brand name: Avandia), which was banned in Europe, but due to FDA negligence is still available in the United States.

Diet and exercise are the safest and most effective ways to treat type-2 diabetes. If lifestyle modifications do not work, the next-safest option is insulin injections, followed by use of the alternative diabetes pills. The least dangerous diabetes medications that we have reviewed include glimepiride (brand name: Amaryl), glipizide (brand name: Glucotrol), glyburide (brand names: Diabeta, Glynase, Micronase), tolazamide (brand name: Tolinase), tolbutamide (brand name: Orinase), and metformin (brand name: Glucophage).

Do not stop taking any medication without first consulting your physician.

Medication Error Lawyers

 Medication Error  Lawyers Accepting clients who have been injured by a pharmacy medication error.

Medication errors are dangerous and cause serious injury or even death.If you or a family member have been injured due to a medication error:

  •     Don’t delay get emergency care immediately
  •     Contact your doctor or 911
  •     Make sure to have an itemization of all medications which you are currently and medication which  given to you in error
  •     Do not throw away any of the prescriptions, medications, bottling or labels that were given to you.
  •     Seek the advice of an experienced medication error lawyer


Examples of Pharmacy errors Include:

  •     Filling the prescription with the wrong dosage
  •     Filling the prescription with the wrong medication
  •     Providing the wrong usage directions
  •     Allowing a technician to perform the work of a pharmacist
  •     Labeling errors
  •     Failure to check for potential drug interactions
  •     Failure to adequately counsel the patient

Many pharmacy errors result in serious injuries and large amounts of damages such as medical bills, pain and suffering and wrongful death. You must consult with a lawyer to protect you and your families legal rights.

Pradaxa Heart Attack Complications, Pradaxa lawyer

Florida Pradaxa lawyers in Miami, Ft Lauderdale, Boca Raton, West Palm Beach, Orlando, Jacksonville, Hollywood, Ft Myers, Tampa, and all of Florida are accepting cases for heart Attacks form Pradaxa.

According to Boca raton Concierge doctors there are  More Concerns about Pradaxa and .Myocardial Infarctions or Heart Attacks.
Posted on January 21, 2012 the medical comments are impressive and Florida lawyers are taking notice and accepting cases for injuries from Pradaxa. Pradaxa lawyers are accepting cases from victims of Pradaxa.

Pradaxa is part of a new group of anticoagulants (thrombin X inhibitors) that eventually will allow anticoagulation by the pill route without requiring patients to alter their food and medication intake and avoid foods and medications that interfere with the anticoagulant as patients must do with Warfarin. Pradaxa additionally eliminates the need to take blood tests (INR/ PT) to monitor the dosage as one has to do with Warfarin (Coumadin).

There is a large commercial advertising campaign underway on TV and print media to encourage patients with atrial fibrillation to ask their doctors to switch them from Coumadin to Pradaxa (Dabigatrin). Pradaxa lawyers are also advertising extensively regarding the dangers of pradaxa and offering a Pradaxa lawyer, The campaign bases its claims on the RE-LY trial of 18,000 patients at 80 medical centers throughout the world who took the 150 mg dosage and had significantly fewer strokes than patients taking Warfarin.  The original study was criticized because many of the patients in the Warfarin (Coumadin) group were not on enough Warfarin or at a therapeutic PT/INR to prevent embolic strokes so the comparison with Pradaxa may not be valid. Another criticism involved the fact that Pradaxa can cause major bleeding and there is no antidote to stop the bleeding. Patients on Pradaxa who are bleeding are advised to undergo hemodialysis to remove the drug from their system because there are no medications or treatments available to stop Pradaxa related bleeding.

One wonders how the Food and Drug Administration approved this product for general use under these circumstances without conducting further testing? Pradaxa lawyers seem to believe these pradaxa complications and deaths are worthey of legal action and offering victims the opportunity to get a pradaxa lawyer and pursue a claim. The issue becomes even more confusing with the addition of data presented by Ken Uchino, MD, and Adrian Hernandez MD, PhD of the Cleveland Clinic in the online version of the Archives of Internal Medicine. They claim that by reviewing the RE-LY data there is a 38% relative increase in the risk of a myocardial infarction (MI) or heart attack in the Pradaxa group. In an accompanying editorial in the same journal, clinicians at the Hadassah- Hebrew University Medical Center in Jerusalem wrote, “The robust finding that Dabigatran is associated with increased rates of MI (heart attack) is alarming and emphasizes the need for continued critical appraisal of new drugs after phase III trials.”

Thrombin X inhibitors are the wave of the future. With no way to stop the bleeding, and data on their safety and efficacy still accumulating, they are just not ready for prime time yet. Pradaxa lawyers in Miami, Ft Lauderdale, Boca Raton, West Palm Beach, Orlando, Tampa, Clearwater, Sarasota, Ft Myers and all of Florida are helping victims of Pradaxa. Florida Pradaxa lawyers are helpling victim who have lost a loved one due to pradaxa.